Evening and Weekend Programs



BRIDGE For Community Life currently does not offer any evening & weekend programs.
Please see below for 1:1 in-home services from our partner company BRIDGE To Home Services.

BRIDGE To Home Services (BTH):
BRIDGE To Home Services provides 1:1 safe and essential care for youth and adults with disabilities in their homes. BTH is dedicated to providing safe and essential care in the home for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerabilities. Our direct support professionals are experienced, thoughtful, and well-trained. We are here to create an individualized care plan that is right for you and your family.

Registration Required.
Contact BRIDGE To Home at 612-963-1913.

Contact: Contact Peg Gagnon at 612-963-1913 or peg@bridgecl.org
Location: In clients’ homes and approved community locations
Timeframe: Weekdays, evenings, and weekends
Transportation: Approved on a case-by-case scenario

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