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Your support is vital to our organization and will help to achieve our vision of ensuring that all individuals with disabilities will be seen as community assets to be nurtured and developed so that they can become welcomed and engaged citizens in our communities.

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Since its founding in 2004, BRIDGE has been a leader in program development. Your tax-deductible donation to BRIDGE For Community Life will help fund existing programs and the development of future programming.

BRIDGE identifies, develops and delivers outstanding programs that promote life-long learning and a greater quality of life for youth and adults with disabilities. To keep these programs in place and to allow us to develop even more services, we need you.

The real reason for joining however is to add your support to an organization that is providing excellent programs, employment services and social opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities in the St. Croix River Valley.

You can make a difference! To make a donation or to become a member please choose one of the options detailed here. If you prefer to signup offline, print out our Donation and Membership Form and mail it to us or drop it by our Brakke Road location.

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