Day Programs



Day Services:
Day Services offers community based supports for participants by promoting an active and healthy life style and strengthening life skills through daily community experiences, contributing to their independence.

Individuals may participate in a variety of experiences in order to develop these skills. Involvement in the community through interaction and participation is a priority. Community and classroom activities are offered to teach skills needed for community integration and independence. BRIDGE believes that individuals with disabilities should have meaningful choices in their daily community activities. These choices are designed to be age and ability-appropriate and interest-driven.

Physical activities are developed and implemented with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, team spirit, and peer encouragement.

Our well-trained and experienced staff creates a caring and nurturing environment for BRIDGE clients.

Interested in Day Services?
To learn more and receive registration information, please contact Jesse Stickler.

Community-Based Locations:

  • YMCA
  • Sports centers
  • Parks
  • Bowling centers
  • Theaters
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Local businesses
  • County fairs
  • Volunteering at nonprofit organizations
  • University of Wisconsin River Falls BRIDGE Campus Life Program

Additional activities: Gardening, outdoor recreation, culinary skill development, money skills, volunteering and more.

Eligibility: Ages 18+
When: Monday thru Friday | 9am to 3pm | All year long
Location: Hudson & Community-based locations
Transportation: May be available for pick up and drop off from BRIDGE Day Services. Click here to learn more.


Virtual Day Services:
BRIDGE offers Virtual Day Service Classes Monday through Friday via Zoom Meetings. Please contact our Program Director, Jesse Stickler ( if you are interested in enrolling in Virtual Day Services.

Space is Limited and Class Registration is Required to participate. Sessions are offered throughout the week to accommodate your schedule and class topics & times are subject to change each month.

Once registered, you will receive the Zoom Meeting class(s) 48 hours before the class will occur.

You must be enrolled in Virtual Day Services before you can register for classes.

Click below to register for classes:

Click below to view current class descriptions:

Eligibility: Ages 18+
When: Monday thru Friday | Between 9am and 3pm
Location: Online
Contact: Jesse Stickler at to enroll in virtual services

TRANSITION PROGRAM - Part of Day Services

Transition Programs:
Prepares students leaving special education for their adult life by attending Day Services for continued life-skills development at BRIDGE’s Brakke location in Hudson. Schedules for this program are flexible to allow for partial week attendance.

Eligibility: Ages 18 to 21 – Enrollment is arranged through your school district.
Location: Hudson & Community-based locations


Our partner company – BRIDGE To Home Services (BTH) provides 1:1 safe and essential care for youth and adults with disabilities in their homes.

BRIDGE To Home Services (“BTH”): BTH is dedicated to providing safe and essential care in the home for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerabilities. Our direct support professionals are experienced, thoughtful, and well-trained. We are here to create an individualized care plan that is right for you and your family. Registration Required.

Contact: Contact Peg Gagnon at 612-963-1913 or
Location: In clients’ homes and approved community locations
Timeframe: We work with your schedule
Transportation: Approved on a case-by-case scenario

Interested in “BTH”?
To learn more and receive registration information, please contact Peg Gagnon.


The Summer Youth Program allows participants to make positive connections while enhancing their capacity to be social during this important transition period in their lives. Participants enjoy creative activities & assistance with life skills through fitness & cooking, music, nature, and art themes.

Summer Youth Program (“SYP”):
Cultivating the talents of youth with developmental disabilities through different themed activities in a safe and fun environment. Participants get to be themselves while making friends and trying out new experiences. The main objectives of SYP are met through careful planning of sessions and modifying activities to meet the participants’ needs, skills, interests and ages.

Download the 2024 Summer Youth Program Brochure here

Eligibility: 12 yrs old (entering 7th Grade) – 17 yrs old
When: Monday thru Friday | 9am to 3pm | June – July
Location: Brakke Building & Community-based locations.

Interested in “SYP”?
To learn more and receive registration information, please contact Kristin Beckman at



We promote a healthy lifestyle, wellness choices and fitness habits, all which improves client mobility.


Clients learn to establish connections with the people they live around and work with daily.


Helping clients identify individual strengths and develop independence is a fundamental principle of BRIDGE.
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